Welcome to Remembering Wildlife

The home of the charity book series which includes Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos and now coming in 2018, Remembering Great Apes. Our mission is to create the most beautiful books on a species ever made and then, sell those books to raise awareness of the plight facing that species and funds to protect it. Our work is made possible by the generous donation of images by many of the world’s best wildlife photographers including Steve Winter, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting and Jonathan & Angela Scott.

We will be announcing a 2018 Kickstarter campaign to fund Remembering Apes soon. Please subscribe to our mailing list to hear more news as we announce it.

Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for the series of books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett, who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Northern Kenya in 2014. She began asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute to a fundraising book. Their response was unanimous and Remembering Elephants, by ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ was published in September 2016 with images donated by 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers. Such was the success that Remembering Rhinos was quickly announced and launched in 2017, once again to critical acclaim. 

Both books were prefunded by successful Kickstarter campaigns, meaning that all profits can be given straight to projects protecting the species that the book is focused on. So far more than £135,000 has been raised by sales of Remembering Elephants, which has been distributed by our charity partner The Born Free Foundation to projects in Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. We were astounded by the response to this book and the funds it raised and now are even more delighted to report that Remembering Rhinos has so far raised more than £165,000 since launch in November 2017.

All funds raised go directly towards fighting the threat of poaching, with the Remembering Elephants & Rhinos funds already distributed in Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, Sumatra and Java.