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The home of the charity book series which includes Remembering Elephants, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Lions, Remembering Cheetahs, Remembering African Wild Dogs , Remembering Bears, Remembering Leopards and coming in 2024, Remembering Tigers (pre-order here).

Our mission is to create the most beautiful books on a species ever made and then, sell those books to raise awareness of the plight facing that species and funds to protect it. Our work is made possible by the generous donation of images by many of the world’s best wildlife photographers including Steve Winter, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Brent Stirton, Tim Laman and Jonathan & Angela Scott. 

New! We also now organise a small number of fundraising trips each year led by Margot Raggett, focusing on different species from our series. If you would like to join one of these, do check out our Leopard Festival in June 2025. Places are limited, so do enquire via asap if you are interested in grabbing a spot. 

We also recently launched our very first Podcast series, in collaboration with This Wild Life. Click here to find links to it wherever you get your podcasts and listen to inspirational interviews with some of the many projects we have supported. 

Remembering Wildlife is the collective name for the series of books created by British wildlife photographer Margot Raggett MBE* who was prompted to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Northern Kenya in 2014. She began asking fellow wildlife photographers if they would contribute to a fundraising book. Their response was unanimous and Remembering Elephants, by ‘Wildlife Photographers United’ was published in September 2016 with images donated by 65 of the world’s top wildlife photographers. Such was the success that Remembering Rhinos was quickly announced and launched in 2017, once again to critical acclaim. Remembering Great Apes, the third book in the series, was published on 15th October 2018 featuring images donated by 72 photographers and a foreword by Dr Jane Goodall. On 14th October 2019 we launched the fourth book in the series Remembering Lions featuring images by 74 photographers. We published Remembering Cheetahs, (which won the GOLD award for best nature book in The Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs) 2022) featuring images donated by 75 photographers, on 12th October 2020 and then Remembering African Wild Dogs in November 2021. Despite all of the challenges of the those two years, these lockdown books sold remarkably well, further helped by distribution deals in the US, Canada and South Africa. Remembering Bears (which won the SILVER award for best photography book in The Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs) 2024) followed in 2022 and Remembering Leopards was published in October 2023, taking the total number of books in the series to eight. Oor ninth book, Remembering Tigers, will be published in October 2024 and can be pre-ordered here.

Together, the series has now sold more than 50,000 books and distributed more than £1.15 million GBP / $1.5 million USD to 74 different conservation projects in 33 countries across Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe. You can read about where many of our donations have gone here. We will continue to update this page as more donations are sent out.

All books were prefunded by successful Kickstarter campaigns, meaning that all profits can be given straight to projects protecting the species that the book is focused on. 

Since our first book in 2016, over 270 of the world's best wildlife photographers have generously contributed to our series. Here is the full list of those whose images have appeared in one or more of our titles so far:

Jane Addey, Karine Aigner, Oriol Alamany, Taylor Thomas Albright, Neil Aldridge, Maxime Aliaga, Theo Allofs, Matt Armstrong-Ford, Grant Atkinson, Andrew Aveley, Daniel Bailey, Daryl & Sharna Balfour, Adam Bannister, Brooke Bartleson, Stephen Belcher, Rick Beldegreen, Patrick Bentley, Sabine Bernert, Andy Biggs, Giorgio Bighi, Jayaprakash Bojan, Donal Boyd, Sean Brogan, Kate Brooks, Seyms Brugger, Volodymyr Burdiak, Matt Burrard-Lucas, Will Burrard-Lucas, Benoit Bussard, Alison Buttigieg, Marina Cano, Ayesha Cantor, Mark Cawardine, David Cayless, Vladimir Cech, Vladimir Cech Jr., Peter Chadwick, Paras Chandaria, Sam Clark, Alwyn Coates, Chad Cocking, Marius Coetzee, Martyn Colbeck, Marco Colombo, Shem Compion, Alain Compost, Keith Connelly, Rob Cottle, Ross Couper, Ben Cranke, Brendon Cremer, Mark Deeble & Victoria Stone, Tanja Dekker, Willem Dekker, Melanie Delamare, Peter Delaney, M & C Denis-Huot, Anja Denker, Richard Denyer, Tristan Dicks, Sebastián Di Doménico, Billy Dodson, Kevin Dooley, Mark Dumbleton, Julie Duncan, Michelle & Ken Dyball, Nicholas Dyer, Andy Edge, Kairav Engineer, Morkel Erasmus, Denise Eriksson, Amit Eshel, Suzi Eszterhas, Chris Fallows, Sascha Fonseca, James Gifford, Daisy Gilardini, Paul Goldstein, Sergey Gorshkov, Marc Graf, Fredrik Granath, Chris Grech, Jan van der Greef, Kim Griffin, Owen Grobler, Melissa Groo, Fabrice Guerin, Richard Guijt, Amy Gulick, Todd Gustafson, Josh Guyan, Drew Hamilton, Charlie Hamilton James, Thorsten Hanewald, Hilary Hann, Peter Haygarth, Tony Heald, Harman Singh Heer, Trish Hennessy, Naudé Heunis, Torie Hilley, Joshua Holko, Roger Hooper, Friedrich von Horsten, Andy Howe, Jabruson, Britta Jaschinski, Vicki Jauron, Brendon Jennings, Arnfinn Johansen, Morten Jørgensen, Paul Joynson-Hicks, Jocelin Kagan, Lakshitha Karunarathna, Kyriakos Kaziras, Steven Kazlowski, Sebastian Kennerknecht, Bob Keyser, Clement Kiragu, Agung Ganthar Kusumanto, Tim Laman, Lisa A. Langell, Frans Lanting, Behzad J. Larry, Chien Lee, Ole J Liodden, David Lloyd, Hannes Lochner, George Logan, Michael Lorentz, Nick Lyon, Piper Mackay, Russell MacLaughlin, Kate Malone, Thomas D. Mangelsen, Suhail Manji, Tin Man Lee, Johan Marais, Matt Maran, Tom Mason, Jo-Anne McArthur, Molly McCormick, Phil McFadden, Paul McKenzie, Shivang Mehta, Garry Mills, Sumeet Moghe, Marc Mol, Dale R Morris, Sue Morris, Margot Muir, Mike Muizebelt, Dhritiman Mukherjee, Yashas Narayan, Shareen Nash, Latika Nath, Elliott Neep, Heinrich Neumeyer, Nick Newman, Thomas Nicolon, Kyle de Nobrega, Jules Oldroyd, Hilary O'Leary, Marsel van Oosten, Xavier Ortega, Ben Osborne, Prelena Soma Owen, Pete Oxford, Chris Packham, Richard Packwood, Parinya Padungtin, Andy Parkinson, Dawn Perkins, Richard Peters, Mevan Piyasena, Julien Polet, Michael Poliza, Jacha Potgieter, Isak Pretorius, Graeme Purdy, Nick Rabjohn, Cameron Raffan, Margot Raggett, Abdul Rashid, Ian Redmond, Pierluigi Rizzato, Gregg Robinson, Dee Roelofsz, Fiona Rogers, Gurcharan Roopra, Matthew Roper, Daniel Rosengren, Andy Rouse, David Sandford, Nima Sarikhani, Joel Sartore, Melissa Schäfer, Chris Schmid, Yaron Schmid, Sabrina Schumann, Jonathan & Angela Scott, Pasan Senevirathne, Anup Shah, Ismail Shariff, Amy Shutt, Anjali Singh, Andy Skillen, Andy Skinner, Sarah Skinner, Paul Souders, Kathryn Sowerbutts, Brent Stapelkamp, William Steel, Jonas Stenqvist, Brent Stirton, Charl Stols, Sabine Stols, James Suter, Tom Svensson, Jami Tarris, Austin Thomas, Jessica Tingley Dunn, Roy Toft, Greg du Toit, Marlon du Toit, Steve & Ann Toon, Paolo Torchio, R.J. Turner, Christophe Vasselin, Albie Venter, Bertus Venter, Hendri Venter, Federico Veronesi, Francesco Veronesi, Thomas Vijayan, Fred Vogt, Marion Vollborn, Pim Volkers, Lance van de Vyver, Tami Walker, James Warwick, Tom Way, Marcus Westberg, Christopher Whittier, Staffan Widstrand, Shannon Wild, Jon Wilson, Steve Winter, Shannon Witz, Art Wolfe, Kim Wolhuter, Nelis Wolmarans, Ian Wood, Jeffrey Wu

Our model

Unlike many other fundraising organisations, we run Remembering Wildlife fully as a business, not a charity (though we are fully registered with the Fundraising Regulator). That’s because we make our money largely through selling books but then also through our exhibitions and events. Unlike most charity models, we don’t ask you for donations (although we do accept them if approached) - we sell you something beautiful and promise that 100% of the profits go to conservation projects. 

All of the stunning images we use in our books and exhibitions have been generously donated by our photographers, as their way to give back to the species they make their livings from photographing.

Our fixed overheads are low - we all work from home rather than rent expensive offices - but the physical costs of making, printing, storing and shipping heavy books are not inconsiderable. And while we have a committed group of volunteers who help us as much as they can (and we personally lug boxes of books ourselves around the country when we can), we do need to pay our core team for everything from book design and editing, to customer service, bookkeeping, distribution and admin. 

The team is led by founder Margot Raggett who also takes a small monthly salary which allows her to dedicate 95% of her time to the project. Previously she was CEO of a large PR agency in London, so her business background is enormously helpful when running this rapidly growing enterprise.

Everyone Remembering Wildlife pays is receiving considerably less than they would in the commercial world and we have an experienced finance director keeping track of it all for us.

After all such overheads, we are committed to distributing 100% of profits to conservation projects, no ‘dividend’ will ever be drawn by the shareholders of the business. We publish regular updates on the projects we've supported on social media and also feature many here. Our annual accounts are published via Companies House.

The model is working. So far we’ve distributed more than £1.15m GBP / $1.5 million USD of 'profit' to 74 different conservation projects in 33 countries since we started in September 2015 and we are determined to grow that. Time is running out for so many species that we believe being as nimble as we can is critical to getting funds raised out into the field. Unlike the way many charities operate, we don’t sit on big reserves of cash or schedule donations months or even years ahead, we want our cash out out with projects doing good as soon as we possibly can get it there.

We join an ever-growing band of socially-responsible businesses who are committed to making a difference on our planet through trade rather than asking for donations. Our purpose is always to raise awareness of the plight facing a species but also to raise funds to protect it. And by selling something beautiful in order to achieve that, we believe our supporters and customers can feel good when they buy or gift one of our books, prints or other items we auction or sell at our events.

*Margot was awarded an MBE for services to international wildlife conservation in the June 2023 King's Birthday Honours List

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Funds raised go directly towards protecting the featured species - £1.15 million GBP / $1.5 million USD of funds have been distributed to 74 projects in 33 countries across Africa, North and South America, Asia and Europe.

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