Animals Asia

Location: Vietnam

Donation amount: $20,000/£18,000

The first donation from Remembering Bears went to Animals Asia, founded by the author of the book’s afterword, Jill Robinson, who is widely recognised as the world’s leading authority on the cruel bear bile industry, having campaigned against it since 1993.

The donation is supporting a community outreach programme in Vietnam, called Herbal Heroes, which raises awareness about the plight of bears in the country by working to reduce demand for bear parts and build support for bear conservation.

Remembering Wildlife’s donation has funded a project in Phung Thuong Village in the north, where a disproportionate number of bear farms operate – about 140 bears across 33 households – just under half of all the remaining captive bears.
The outreach programme not only raises awareness of the cruelty of bear bile farming but also offers free traditional medicine clinics, conducted by Vietnam Traditional Medicine Association doctors who prescribe herbal alternatives to bear bile.

The free medicines provided in the clinics come from Herbal Alternative Gardens, which are established and tended locally.
Our funds will help establish four new gardens in 2023 and support the educational programme, covering the costs of materials and associated events to run the project.


Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

Location: Borneo

Donation amount: $15,000

Since 2015, BSBCC has rehabilitated and released 11 rescued sun bears back into the wild, including the release of Montom in 2021 (pictured).

Remembering Wildlife’s donation will go towards the release of another captive sun bear, in February 2023.

The donation will cover the cost of all the drugs, the helicopter and a satellite collar to keep track of where the bear goes.
Remembering Wildlife will also be making a contribution towards the repair of chain-link fences around the conservation centre.  

Wildlife Conservation Society

Location: Bolivia

Donation amount: $15,000


This donation will enable long-term partner of Remembering Wildlife, The Wildlife Conservation Society, to support the development of an ecotourism operation in Bolivia with the aim of protecting Andean bears.

This iconic species is being protected through a partnership with private landowners at the Acero Marka valley in Bolivia, who are interested in developing ecotourism initiatives to strengthen their commitment to wildlife conservation.

WCS will support local landowner the Bohrt family develop a small, sustainable and green energy ecotourism venture named the Jucumari Lodge (Jucumari is a local Quechua word for the Andean bear).

Hopefully one day, this will be a place that supporters of Remembering Wildlife will be able to visit and see this beautiful bear species for themselves.


High Asia Habitat Fund

Location: Himalayas

Donation amount: $6,000

The High Asia Habitat Fund’s mission is to protect High Asia’s critical ecosystems through conserving wildlife, restoring wild habitat, and empowering dependent communities toward conservation.

Remembering Wildlife’s donation will be put towards vital work by a bear expert to develop an education campaign for a local community in the Himalayas, encouraging them to use bear-proof methods to avoid bears breaking into houses and to encourage them to live alongside brown bears, not in conflict with them.

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