Remembering Bears by Wildlife Photographers United

Remembering Bears will be the seventh book in the highly acclaimed Remembering Wildlife series of charity books and features a foreword by Gordon Buchanan MBE and an afterword by Jill Robinson. The book is full of beautiful images once again donated by more than 80 of the world's top wildlife photographers including Greg du Toit, Marsel van Oosten, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Tim Laman and Daisy Gilardini. It will feature images of all eight species of bears from around the world:  American black bears, Andean bears, Asiatic black bears, brown bears, giant pandas, polar bears, sloth bears and sun bears with the aim to raise awareness of their plight and also to raise funds to protect them. A successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2022 secured financing for the book, which will be published on 10th October 2022.

Contributing photographers:
Theo Allofs, Matt Armstrong-Ford, Daryl & Sharna Balfour, Andy Biggs, Will Burrard-Lucas, Mark Carwardine, Vladimir Cech Jr, Marco Colombo, Shem Compion, Ben Cranke, M & C Denis-Huot, Richard Denyer, Tristan Dicks, Sebastián Di Doménico, Kevin Dooley, Suzi Estzerhas, Daisy Gilardini, Paul Goldstein, Sergey Gorshkov, Marc Graf, Fredrik Granath, Jan van der Greef, Melissa Groo, Amy Gulick, Fabrice Guerin, Todd Gustafson, Charlie Hamilton James, Drew Hamilton, Arnfinn Johansen, Morten Jørgensen, Paul Joynson-Hicks, Roger Hooper, Kyriakos Kaziras, Lakshitha Karunarathna, Steven Kazlowski, Tim Laman, Lisa Langell, Frans Lanting , Behzad Larry, Ole J Liodden, Michael Lorentz, Tin Man Lee, Russ MacLaughlin, Thomas D Mangelsen, Matt Maran, Molly McCormick, Shivang Mehta, Dale R Morris, Sue Morris, Dhritiman Mukherjee, Marsel van Oosten, Pete Oxford, Andrew Parkinson, Richard Peters, Michael Poliza, Graeme Purdy, Pierluigi Rizzato, Daniel Rosengren, Nima Sarikhani, Melissa Schaefer, Jonathan & Angela Scott, Andy Skillen, Andy Skinner, Sarah Skinner, Paul Souders, Tom Svensson, Jami Tarris, Jessica Tingley Dunn, Roy Toft, Greg du Toit, Christophe Vasselin, James Warwick, Marcus Westberg, Staffan Widstrand, Shannon Wild, Jon Wilson, Art Wolfe, Nelis Wolmarans

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