Remembering Leopards is the eighth book in the celebrated Remembering Wildlife fundraising series. The aim of the creators is to make the most beautiful book ever seen on a species and to use that to raise awareness of the plight facing that animal and also funds to protect it. Each book is full of images generously donated by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers, with 93 contributing to this book. It features images of all eight sub-species of leopard across Africa and Asia, plus snow and clouded images too, with the aim to raise awareness of their plight and also to raise funds to protect them. A successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2023 secured financing for the book, which was published on 9th October 2023.

Contributing photographers:
Jane Addey, Oriol Alamany, Neil Aldridge, Theo Allofs, Matt Armstrong-Ford, Daryl & Sharna Balfour, Adam Bannister, Volodymyr Burdiak, Will Burrard-Lucas, Vladimir Cech Jr., Paras Chandaria, Chad Cocking, Marius J Coetzee, Shem Compion, Keith Connelly, Ben Cranke, Brendon Cremer, M & C Denis-Huot, Anja Denker, Tristan Dicks, Kevin Dooley, Greg du Toit, Marlon du Toit, Mark Dumbleton, Kairav Engineer, Morkel Erasmus, Amit Eshel, Suzi Eszterhas, Sascha Fonseca, James Gifford, Paul Goldstein, Sergey Gorshkov, Owen Gröbler, Richard Guijt, Todd Gustafson, Thorsten Hanewald, Hilary Hann, Trish Hennessy, Roger Hooper, Arnfinn Johansen, Lakshitha Karunarathna, Sebastian Kennerknecht, Agung Ganthar Kusumanto, Tim Laman, Frans Lanting, Behzad J Larry, Chien Lee, Hannes Lochner, Michael Lorentz, Piper Mackay, Russell MacLaughlin, Shivang Mehta, Garry Mills, Marc Mol, Yashas Narayan, Latika Nath, Heinrich Neumeyer, Pete Oxford, Parinya Padungtin, Richard Peters, Mevan Piyasena, Michael Poliza, Isak Pretorius, Margot Raggett, Abdul Rashid, Matthew Roper, Andy Rouse, Jonathan & Angela Scott, Pasan Senevirathne, Ismail Shariff, Anjali Singh, Harman Singh Heer, Andy Skinner, Sarah Skinner, James Suter, Tom Svensson, Roy Toft, Ann & Steve Toon, Paolo Torchio, Lance van de Vyver, Jan van der Greef, Marsel van Oosten, Christophe Vasselin, Federico Veronesi, Francesco Veronesi, Thomas Vijayan, Marion Vollborn, James Warwick, Marcus Westberg, Shannon Wild, Steve Winter, Art Wolfe, Nelis Wolmarans.

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