Location: Kenya

Donation amount: $20,000

Remembering Wildlife is providing the core funding for a project to create a community stewardship of wild dogs across Kenya’s South Rift Valley.

The region is of critical importance to free-ranging lion, cheetah and wild dog populations which persist outside of any formally protected area.

Covering an area of 15,000 km2, the region is a key wildlife refuge and corridor, of particular importance for wide ranging species such as African wild dogs with an estimated 100 individuals being found within the Serengeti-Mara to Amboseli-Tsavo region.

Little is known about wild dogs within the South Rift, however sightings collected by SORALO coexistence teams across the region indicate the area supports an estimated 24-40 dogs distributed across two or three packs.

Encouragingly, in last two years packs of 23 to 25 dogs have been observed and recorded in the region, as this still from a video shows.

SORALO will use the donation to establish local wild dog ambassadors and a wild dog monitoring and conservation team, with the aim of building a long-term strategy.

Wild Entrust

Location: Botswana

Donation amount: $20,000

Remembering African Wild Dogs is supporting Wild Entrust's Coaching Conservation project, which uses the power of sport to catch the attention of school children, delivering coaching sessions based on animal behaviour, along with vital lessons about conservation.

The donation will fund the development of an African wild dog lesson. The programme will be delivered to 1,400 school children in Botswana, who will receive training materials to keep and there are also plans to roll the project out beyond Botswana.

The focus is on creating empathy for, and an awareness of wildlife and wild spaces while building an understanding of core ecological principles around connectivity.

The primary goal of Coaching Conservation is to inspire a generation of kids that care about themselves, others and the natural world around them.


African Parks/The Endangered Wildlife Trust – translocation to Malawi

Location: South Africa/Malawi

Donation amount: £18,000 ($25,000)

The first major donation from Remembering African Wild Dogs helped facilitate the translocation of 14 African wild dogs from South Africa and Mozambique to Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve, in a historic project to reintroduce this endangered species to Malawi.

The translocation was undertaken through a collaboration between the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and African Parks.

Since the successful translocation, pups have been born.

Commenting on the move, Remembering Wildlife founder Margot Raggett said: "The team overcame a number of significant hurdles but never gave up and I would like to congratulate them and wish the dogs well in their new country."

The Endangered Wildlife Trust

Location: South Africa

Donation amount: £19,000 ($25,000)

A donation from Remembering African Wild Dogs will cover a range of projects, including EWT's Emergency Response Fund to carry out snare removal, rehabilitation and working with farmers to prevent retaliatory or pre-emptive killing.

The donation will also cover disease management, vaccinations, genetic analysis and translocations – with the help of wild dog geneticists, EWT assists dispersing groups find new homes within its Range Expansion Project, to avoid inbreeding in their natal reserve.

Finally, EWT will use some of the money donated to carry out its vital work with partners across Africa to identify protected areas that are ready to reintroduce wild dogs.

Zambian Carnivore Programme

Location: Zambia

Donation amount: £19,000 ($25,000)

Habitat loss and the illegal bushmeat trade are among the biggest threats to African wild dogs in Zambia and the Zambian Carnivore Programme runs wild dog conservation initiatives and promotes coexistence between people and carnivores in three areas: Luangwa Valley, Greater Kafue and Greater Liuwa.

One of ZCP's unique projects is the Mimbulu Boys Academy football team whose players act as conservation ambassadors through sport.

Remembering Wildlife's donation has gone towards field equipment for monitoring African wild dogs and GPS/satellite collars. The collars help ZCP provide data so law enforcement patrols can target areas of high risk for wild dogs.

The donation has also gone towards providing travel costs, equipment and uniforms for the football team.

Kikesen River Conservancy

Location: Kenya

Donation amount: £7,277 ($10,000)

The Kikesen River Conservancy, along the Kenya-Tanzania border, was formed in 2020 by 100 Maasai landowners who wanted to find a solution to a spike in poaching that had contributed to the reduction of many species including lions, cheetahs, wild dogs and hyenas.

As a new conservancy, there is a lot to learn, so this donation means Remembering Wildlife's friends from nearby Rebuilding the Pride (SORALO) can step in to help with mentoring and support.

Pictured is Moses, who will be helping the team at Kikesen get the conservancy model up and running.

Step two will be the establishment of a wild dog project in the wider area, to start to monitor the dogs seen moving through this area but about which little is known right now.

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya/Ginger’s Hope

Location: Kenya

Donation amount: £1,900 ($2,500)

Action for Cheetahs in Kenya (ACK) runs Ginger's Hope Vaccination and Sterilisation campaign, which sterilises domestic pets and vaccinates them against rabies and distemper – not only protecting them and their owners, but other wild animals such as African wild dogs and cheetahs, which are also susceptible to the diseases.

Remembering Wildlife's donation will go toward's Ginger's Hope work in the Meibae Community Conservancy in Kenya and will help the campaign achieve its target of vaccinating 3,000 dogs and cats.

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